Ask me about a free Technology Analysis which includes:

• Computers
• Network
• Servers
• Smartphones
• Phone/Internet


EPV Solutions provides technical support to businesses differently than most IT companies

Our approach to technical support is to help business owners make knowledgeable decisions about their computing environment. Optimize your current computer environment. Ensure everything is safe and secure. Training for employees, as well as owner/managers.

This includes:

  • Sorting through the maze of technological options
  • Optimizing the workstations and the network for performance
  • Arranging the desktop specifically for the user
  • Making sure the computing environment is safe and secure
  • Integrating shared drives, printer/scanners, cloud services, smartphones, calendars, email, contacts and social media
  • Training Owner/Managers on how to effectively use their technology
  • Training employees on how to be more efficient and safe
  • Creating and implementing a business continuity plan Managing tasks and projects on-budget and on-time.